Last but not least, our courses are flexible and can be tailor-made according to your needs. English Hunt is an established but dynamic and growing English language school – a place with a passion, personality, and professionalism. So join us – today. English for Kids and Young Learners. Meet a variety of English learning needs for kids and young learners, including a small group with our experienced English language teachers. Leveled classes target specific comprehension and speaking skills and strategies, and others target phonics, alphabet, high-frequency words, poetry, vocabulary, and more. At English Hunt, we make young learners discover the love of English learning, boost their speaking confidence and direct them towards school grade improvement.

Reasons to take this course:
• Promote the love of English by fun reading, role-playing and presentations
• Receive greater individual attention
• Build confidence while increasing comprehension and fluency
• Learn from experienced and qualified teachers


Our experienced and qualified teachers employ modern and effective teaching methods to deliver well-planned and enjoyable lessons. We also limit class sizes in order to maximize interaction during lessons. This not only allows students to practice the target English in class but also motivates them to use it in their daily life. Our approach is aimed at achieving concrete results, making communication the priority.