Certificate In English:-

• Duration – 8 months
• Class Hours – 1.5 hours/ Everyday
• No. Of Days – 2 / 3 Days Weekly
• Assessment – Test Every Month
• Certificate Of Completion Issued


Children learning the English language will have an easier time as compared to adults due to the way their mental functions work. Certain aspects of language learning may come easily to young minds. These young learners can understand and absorb new information and therefore acquire a new language at a quicker pace.

Walk into English Hunt and be greeted at the buzzing sight of children acting out a story or interacting with one another to finish a group work project and task confidently in English.

Our Kids English lessons teaching methodology is based on things that children love. Fun and engaging class activities such as games and songs alongside personalized writing tasks, reading texts and class storytelling will provide plenty of practice in learning English.

Children also love learning things that are related and relevant to them. Our English courses for Kids are colorful and dynamic where English is used as an instrument to teach other subjects and develop the skills needed as part of their general education. Children will interact more with the learning course materials, the teacher and their peers, to encourage learning and further improve their use of the English language.

When children begin to learn English, transferring their knowledge from lessons into the daily application is an integral part of the learning process. Through our English classes, we aim to develop their speaking and thinking skills, as well as the confidence levels to apply their language skills through teaching methods such as role-play and conversation scenarios.

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Our experienced and qualified teachers employ modern and effective teaching methods to deliver well-planned and enjoyable lessons. We also limit class sizes in order to maximize interaction during lessons. This not only allows students to practice the target English in class but also motivates them to use it in their daily life. Our approach is aimed at achieving concrete results, making communication the priority.