English Hunt is a vibrant English School and student counselors.

We provide a serious and professional – but also enjoyable and fun! – learning environment. Here your children will have the opportunity to learn the English language. You can opt for counseling sessions to improve your child’s well-being. Lessons are conducted by qualified and experienced English language teachers. In terms of teaching staffs and materials, we offer your children the best – so that your children will get the most value and benefit from their time with us.

We give children Counselling which is one of the most common interventions delivered to children, where children can explore, understand and aim to overcome issues in their studies causing them difficulty, distress and/or confusion. Our view is a non-stigmatising strategy to help bring about improvements in children studies and wellbeing. Counseling helps children with studies, personal, social and emotional issues affecting their wellbeing, attendance, learning, and academic achievements, and relationships; and also develops skills to strengthen their resilience and deal with their problems and challenges. Most counseling is conducted on a one-to-one basis which provides children with an opportunity to explore their difficulties in a welcoming and supportive environment, and to find their own ways of addressing their issues.

In the counseling, we aim at
– Achievement in studies
– To overcome their inferiority complex
– To be focused in their aims n ambitions
– To understand their own strength and weaknesses
– To understand their role in life
– Trauma and abuse
– Friendship difficulties or bullying-related trauma
– Bereavement

We are founded on a radical idea, which is effective and enjoyable language courses and counselling sessions which should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

This vision is tied to our core values, namely:
– Students are our priority
– Integrity is our standard
– Results are our goal

Based on these guiding principles, we strive to deliver English learning experience which will inspire the children and equip them to achieve their goals.

Our Teaching Method for Students in Learning English is an enjoyable one. At School of English Hunt, we follow a communicative and holistic framework which aims to develop all four language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. To this end, we employ not only tried and tested course books from reputable sources from UK, Cambridge and National Geographic, but also include authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers, videos, as and when needed.

Lessons are always conducted in an engaging and relevant manner, whereby students learn vocabulary and grammar in the context of interesting topics ranging from everyday life to world affairs. We also value the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and thus encourage lively discussions in class. In this way, students not only master in English skills but also learn more about other cultures and the bigger world around us.

Finally, through individual effort and group work, including diverse tasks and projects, our students not only learn proper grammar, pronunciation and sentence structure, but also become effective communicators who know how to express themselves in an accurate and appropriate way.

We promise to give our students excellent outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime.

This is what you can expect from us:
– A commitment to the children success
– We are here to facilitate and empower them and help them reach their goals.

A positive learning environment. We will make sure that your children are at the right level and also fully comfortable with the learning path. And to maximize communication and interaction during lessons, we limit the number of students per class – so there are more chances for them to learn!

Our expert teachers hail from different walk of academic experiences. They all share the same passion for English Language and an enthusiasm for teaching. This passion and enthusiasm are combined in our commitment to excellence and professionalism.

And this means that you can count on us for your children’s unique learning experience – one which is not only rigorous but also fun and enjoyable!


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